“So a bird walks into a bar…” My love affair with Twitter.

I remember when Facebook first came into my life in 2004. I was 20 years old, a Junior in college and living with 4 of my closest friends. My friend Eric said to me one day “Have you been on The Facebook? It’s seriously addicting!” You know what happens after that. In the 6 years since then I’ve reconnected with childhood friends, friended ex-boyfriends after a night out at the bars, been poked by the creepy guy in my History class and announced I was moving to Boston by status update. The Facebook has now become just Facebook and frankly, I’ve moved on. Sure, Facebook keeps me in the loop with everything my buddies back in Boston are doing but I’m a different person now with different needs. What I need is connections in my industry, advice from experts, news about what’s going on in my city…and the occasional funny picture of someone’s obese cat. I need Twitter.  Continue reading


The new and improved Communication Specialist (now with Twitter!)

Yesterday I referenced a blog post and commented on the emergence of internal workplace social networks. However, I have to revisit the post again because another point really struck a cord in me. Below is another exert from “Will 2011 be a big year for recruiters and social media?”:

“Yes, I know some people might say that the tie between Social Media Manager and Corporate Communications Manager might be weak – but not necessarily. Who is to say that Corporate Communications Managers can’t/don’t use SocialtextYammerConfluence,DrupalJiveNovell Vibe or Salesforce Chatter to push corporate communications? Many already do!”

What resonated with me the most is the relationship, or supposed lack thereof,  between Communication Specialists and Social Media Managers. Continue reading

The future of work centric social networks

I came across a blog today about social media and found a post called “Will 2011 be a Big Year for Recruiters and Social Media”. The answer is surely yes, as evident by my experiences in job hunting since I moved home from Boston, but this wasn’t what really interested me about the post. The writer also says:

“While I see quite a bit of chatter about social media being used to engage people external to companies (e.g., social recruiting, social media marketing), I am not alone in predicting the next big wave will come from more companies realizing there are huge benefits to be gained from internal, private, behind-the-firewall social networks.”

I noticed this trend last year while completing my capstone in Communication Management . In my research, I came across IBM’s Beehive, an internal social network for IBM. It’s one of the first large scale work-centric social networks of its kind and I’m surprised we don’t hear more about it. Below is an exert of my paper on Employee Branding Tactics: Continue reading

What’s a social media consultant to do?

Another way I keep myself busy is by volunteering. I’ll save you the long story but I was recommended to an organization that was sorely needing some marketing support. They have a Director of Marketing, who does a great job I should add, but he’s charged with doing the work of 3 people. So, my interest in social media marketing seemed to be a good match to alleviate some stress for him. So I began making my social media strategic plan for the organization. Um, huh? How? With what book? With help from who? I admit I’m going this on my own, but am pulling together all the collective knowledge I’ve gained over the years and hopefully a little common sense goes a long way. Here’s where I started: Continue reading

“My sister interns for Yelp, she knows all the cool places.”

Ah, interning for Yelp. My effort at using unemployment to better myself. Interning isn’t something I thought I would benefit from after grad school. I considered myself educated and experienced enough to begin collecting a pay check. However, it’s 2011 people. Recession is the evil four letter word of the decade but much like Ted Williams, it’s here and ain’t goin’ no where.  So, two weeks after I moved home and spent countless hours on job sites only to hear NOTHING, I came across a posting for a Yelp Intern in Cincinnat. I’ll talk more about what I do for Yelp in future posts but want to talk about how it affects my social habits. Continue reading

Introduction to My Digital Life

Welcome to My Digital Life. I started this blog because I started noticing a pattern in my everyday life. That being that I live it on-line. Okay, let me clarify that. I’m not wearing a Dungeon’s and Dragon’s shirt, hovered over my laptop and playing RP games all day. I just happen to use the internet to function, just like the rest of us who’ve been sucked into social media. I tweet, update my status, network, review and do just about everything else you can do on-line, with the exception of dating. Who has time to date when you’re living a social media life anyways? Not this girl. So this blog is for me to comment on social media treads, crazy things I see online and write about how I manage my on-line life and personal brand.