How social media has helped me do good

So one of the good things about unemployment is you have lots of time to do things you would never normally do. For me, this has been volunteering. Not that I was a person who didn’t care about homeless shelters or cancer research in the past, but I was overwhelmed with grad school, work and life in general so I missed a lot of opportunities. Well, with my new found freedom and internship with Yelp I found myself participating in races and climbs to benefit all kinds of organizations. Social media definitely had a part in two that I recently participated in.

The Fight for Air Climb

Climb 45 flights of stairs? Sounds exactly like what I want to do on a Saturday morning! Okay, so not really but I found this event listed on Yelp and thought it would be a good way for me to get off my rear, meet some Yelpers and raise some money for a good cause. I didn’t have much luck recruiting people on Yelp but I put the call for action out on my Twitter account, retweeted it on the @YelpCincy account and BOOM, we had a team of three. The wonderful @mwarghitty, @writerjillie and myself conquered 45 flights of stairs and raised $300 for lung disease research.


Shopping carts, ridiculous outfits, random challenges, BRING IT! As the Yelp Cincinnati intern I was in charge of forming a team of five to participate in this insanely fun and challenging competition over the weekend. Once again this started out on Yelp, with 4 pretty dedicated Elites joining me in the ranks, but Twitter was essential in our communication. We tweeted about our excitement and cluelessness (mostly me…), which also helped get others in the know about the race. There was even some smack talk with other teams. In the end, we had a crazy good time running around downtown and OtR. Side-note: I would like to apologize to my team for being the weakest link. My over-zealousness in the fruit punch chugging portion of the competition got me pretty down, though not out! In the end we collected food for the Freestore Food Bank, ran/jogged/walked 5 miles around the city and had a blast doing it.

Team CincyShore 4 Lyfe!

Left to Right: @Jecka, @laura_m_gardner, my little brother, Steve @Mwarghitty and @EffieSmith

And for your viewing pleasure, my favorite team: Tiger and his mistresses.
Pictures courtesy of @5chw4r7z

2 responses to “How social media has helped me do good

  1. Weakest link? I think not!! 🙂 Major kudos to you for braving it and pushing through despite the nauseating consequences of chugging a gallon of cheap fruit punch and eating nutter butter bars.

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