Finding new opportunities through Facebook

It’s no secret that Facebook is a major part of most 20-somethings lives now. We use it to stay in touch with friends, check-out potential significant others (okay, so I learned my lesson) and can watch our cousin’s baby grow up from across the country. Even better, I found a great gig through it this past year.

It’s no secret that I’m technically unemployed, I talk about it probably a little too often. Luckily, I have a great network of friends who are always on the look out for me, even on the East Coast. A friend of mine in Boston saw the Facebook status of an editor for who was looking for freelance copywriters. She mentioned it in passing to me and I said I would be interested so she sent her connection my resume. I didn’t hear from him for weeks so I finally followed up and he directed me to the editor who had taken over in Ohio. I e-mailed him and he responded that he had just hired a writer but would keep me in consideration if he ever needed another. Sigh…..more disappointment.

Cut to about two months later and I received an e-mail from the editor asking me write up a sample and turn it into him that next Monday. I pulled out my creative writing hat and got to work. Luckily about a week later he called me and offered me a position as a freelance copywriter. The money certainly isn’t something to brag about, nor would it support me enough to stop looking for work, but it’s given me a sense of accomplishment that I’ve needed since I moved home. Plus, it’s been really fun to see everything come full circle. For instance, someone referenced a deal I wrote copy for in their Facebook status and I was over the moon. SOMEONE READ WHAT I WROTE! So, now I’m addicted and have expanded my job search to copywriting as well.

This is certainly another lesson for me in how social media produces a plethora of opportunities, you just have to go after them.


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