“My sister interns for Yelp, she knows all the cool places.”

Ah, interning for Yelp. My effort at using unemployment to better myself. Interning isn’t something I thought I would benefit from after grad school. I considered myself educated and experienced enough to begin collecting a pay check. However, it’s 2011 people. Recession is the evil four letter word of the decade but much like Ted Williams, it’s here and ain’t goin’ no where.  So, two weeks after I moved home and spent countless hours on job sites only to hear NOTHING, I came across a posting for a Yelp Intern in Cincinnat. I’ll talk more about what I do for Yelp in future posts but want to talk about how it affects my social habits.

My two brothers and I are all in our twenties and get along pretty swimmingly for siblings. So on a chilly January night after we’ve all had a tedious week, the Gardner kids decided it was time for a night out on the town. I pushed for downtown but was over-ruled by the Gardner men, per usual. Mt. Adams was to be our destination. Now, Mt. Adams is a beautiful part of Cincinnati. It sits a top a hill overlooking the city and is brimming with winding streets, gorgeous buildings and interesting storefronts. However, on Friday or Saturday nights it’s overtaken by students from the nearby universities who descend upon the streets pre-gamed, sexed-up and ready to party. After 5 years of undergrad and 2 years in Boston for grad school this just isn’t what I’m looking forward to anymore. The silver-lining? I’m going to Yelp my little heart out. I hadn’t been to the bars in Mt. Adams for years and didn’t review them after I did so my plan of bar-hopping domination started to evolve.

I’m definitely the less party-driven sibling but suddenly I just wanted to be everywhere. This bar, that bar. Let’s have a drink here and hit the next one! I was spending less time socializing and more time observing and gathering ammunition for my arsenal that I would unleash on my Macbook the next morning. People often comment that they plan night out, trips and special events using Yelp, and I do this too. But the real thrill is mentally gathering a list of places that are open for review and freshly writing them the next day. Yelp is not only my planning tool, but a source of hope when I’m being dragged to a part of town where 26 is considered ancient. Thanks Yelp!


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